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ULEZ Expansion

If you object to expansion of the ULEZ zone, contact Councillor Claire Gilbert (email to voice your concerns so that she can raise them at the Citizens Assembly on air quality in April.Apart from the Mayor's biased interpretation of his 'consultation', Sadiq Khan has contradicted his claims of benefits to air quality by simultaneously announcing that hospital admissions of asthmatic children in London, SINCE the zone was expanded to the Nth/Sth Circular Rds, have actually risen by 64%. This doesn't suggest that ULEZ is working. He also rejected votes from a motoring organisation which polled drivers yet, when he realised the consultation wasn't going his way, himself spent public money on advertising and lobbying 18-30 y.o's on social media. He can't have it both ways. We live in Putney, just outside of the Sth Circular, and already can't pop down to the High Street in our car without incurring a £12.50 charge. From August, unless the scheme is scrapped, we won't even be able to leave our driveway to shop in Kingston, or even our local Asda supermarket in Roehampton, without incurring the charge. We would rather spend our money in our own borough. The Mayor's scrappage scheme won't help either because many less well off folk simply can't find the difference to buy another car. It will only help those who can. Apart from anything, scrapping perfectly serviceable vehicles while the manufacture and disposal of electric vehicles causes such damage to the environment, makes no sense either environmentally or fiscally.As for Putney High Street pollution levels, we all know it's exacerbated by traffic being diverted from Hammersmith Bridge, so it shouldn't be held up as an example for justification.

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