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London on Tier 2 from Saturday

Published on NextdoorLocal Public ServiceMayor of LondonSadiq Khan • 12 mins agoImportant Coronavirus update. “It is clear that the virus is now spreading rapidly in every part of our city, and hospital and ICU admissions are steadily rising. Time and again it has been shown that it is better to act earlier than to act too late – which would cost more lives and damage more livelihoods. I am not willing to put Londoners’ lives at risk and we must do all we can to minimise economic damage.“That is why, following discussions between me, ministers and our city’s senior health advisers and council leaders, the Government will move London into tier 2 restrictions - alert level high – from the start of Saturday. This will mean Londoners will not be able to mix between different households indoors - which includes in their homes and inside pubs and restaurants. Londoners should also aim to reduce the number of journeys they make where possible.“There are no good options. I know these further restrictions will require Londoners to make yet more sacrifices, but the disastrous failure of the test, trace and isolate system leaves us with little choice. I am well aware that these restrictions will have a further significant impact on businesses in our city, which is why the Government must come forward with more financial support for affected businesses and local authorities immediately, as well as for vulnerable Londoners struggling to get by.“I still believe that, as SAGE recommended to ministers, the immediate priority should now also be a short national circuit breaker. This would allow us to get the reinfection rate down to a manageable level and give the Government more time finally to get a grip on the failing test and trace system.“But moving London to the next tier of restrictions from Saturday will, we hope, help slow the spread of the virus, take pressure off the NHS and help avert the possibility of a full lockdown lasting months – which would be the worst possible outcome for Londoners and our economy.”

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Meals on Toast

I've been trying to build up a repertoire of things on toast as a light meal - preferably healthy - and I've tried to move our main meal (not enormous just bigger) to lunchtime so that we can go out for a walk afterwards.There are practical as well as health reasons for this.  I'm generally presented with a large loaf of brown bread each week (when we shopped more often we could get a small loaf - bread according to WRAP ( is one of the foods that is wasted most in the UK) and there's a limit to the amount of space in the freezer for frozen bread).  I have also been trying to reduce our own weight and the amount of food we waste for a long time.I'd started on this long before Covid 19 but since I haven't been to the shops since this all started for me it has definitely been Ready Steady Cook for every meal!  I think a lot of my cookery offerings are repetitive but my other half is happy so I guess I shouldn't worry too much.Apparently cheese on toast is many people's first choice.  My version is cheddar and studded with sliced tomatoes before it goes under the grill.  However I have tried to reduce the amount of cheese we eat as it is very fattening and moreish.  So I moved to poached eggs on toast as the store-cupboard meal of choice after coming back/before going out to the cinema/meetings etc. We have other favourites as we've increased the range.We've now both lost weight and we've also walked a couple of hundred miles.What are your go-to meals on toast? 

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Very unpleasant incident on the Upper Richmond Road

On Nextdoor, Emily Reed has reported a shocking attack on her son yesterday. I can't provide a link (perhaps because I viewed it on the app?) but here's the text of her post:On Tuesday 22 September at 7pm our 11 year old son was chased and attacked on his way home from a Karate Class at The Putney Methodist Church on The Upper Richmond Road.It was his first experience of independence - as we usually escort him to and from all classes.Our son and his friend were approached by a gang of at least 4 older boys on bikes at the junction of Charlwood Road and Norroy Road. They chased our boys down Charlwood Road, Clarendon Drive, down Gamlen Road and onto Hotham Road.During the chase our son and his friend lost their shoes.  Our boys were on foot.When our son reached our house one boy held him and then his friend punched and threw our son to the ground. Our neighbour came out and the boys didn’t stop or run away.  When I came out one of the boys told me “Don’t f*ck with me”These are young boys (probably 12 to 14) in secondary school.  They aren’t intimated or scared by adults. Our son was told they have weapons and they aren’t scared to use them.  The Police were called who arrived 4 ½ hours later.Our son and his friend are, understandably, traumatised, scared and our son is sore, his head aches and his face is swollen. This is terrifying.Thankfully we do have CCTV at our house and caught two of the main culprits in the act on camera. The images aren’t perfect but hopefully are good enough to ID them.If you recognise any of these children please let us know.They need to be stopped and we don’t want this to happen to other children.It was obviously very distressing for all concerned, a horrible incident and my sympathies are with the family. But almost as distressing, is the fact that it was 4½ hours before the police deigned to turn up: compare that with the fact that earlier in the day, for XR's completely non-violent and non-obstructive demonstration (see they managed to send two police cars and three officers, one of whom was desperate to find something - anything - with which to charge the demonstrators and was disappointed that even a request to base couldn't produce anything. There's something very wrong with their priorities there.

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