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Global Population Takeover Plot by WHO & The Gang

Unbeknown to most people, I’m sure, because it’s all being kept very quiet, amendments to the World Health Organization Pandemic Treaty and International Health Regulations have been proposed by the WHO, to give them absolute power over the global population whenever they want and for as long as they want, with the various democratically elected governments around the world having no say at all; that’s right – sovereignties surrendered. The unelected, non-tax paying, diplomatically immune criminal gang who call themselves The World Health Organization, led by Ethiopian, Tedros, who already has a questionable Human Rights record, will be able to impose lockdowns, mask wearing, vaccine mandates etc. anywhere in the world at the drop of a hat, and there’s nobody anywhere that will be able to do anything about it. Their decisions will be legally binding, and even dissent will be outlawed. Only WHO approved medicines and vaccines will be allowed to be administered, and they plan to have vaccines ready for administration within 100 days upon discovery of any new pathogen.Governments around the world already have the draft documents and, as they relate to ‘amendments’ of an existing treaty, as opposed to a new treaty, they will come into force by default if governments do nothing, and nothing is what they are doing. Of course, government leaders around the world would not surrender their nation’s sovereignty to an elitist criminal gang unless they were part of the same elitist criminal gang; so we lose everything but our corrupt leaders and their pals get to control us via a democracy-free dictatorship under the guise of a health organization.As with the Covid scam, which has done so much damage to the UK and its population, Andrew Bridgen MP is one of the few MPs standing up for the people of this country, and has proposed a Bill in Parliament to help prevent any UK government from surrendering sovereignty to any organization without the permission of the general public by referendum. If you support Andrew Bridgen’s Bill and don’t want to live under a global dictatorship, please get in touch with your MP and express your outrage and disgust that a totalitarian State is even being considered by our government. The Bill comes to the House on Friday 24th November. A video of Andrew Bridgen MP presenting the case to Parliament follows:

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Information about scams and frauds

I was recently at the International Cyber Expo and - along with some other government agencies - the Met police were there displaying their information about cyber fraud and scams.This isn't just a Putney issue but from some previous forum posts I know some of you might be interested in this. Even for those aware of these dangers I thought this information could be useful to pass on to friends, family members or colleagues who might find it helpful - the PDFs can alway be printed for those without or unsure about using online access.This website has links to a number of audio/visual online guides detailing scams and frauds to be aware of, how to spot them and tips to avoid them.It also has a link to all the PDFs of the "Little Booklet" series about scams and frauds (which personally I prefer to the A/V format). Little Book of Big Scams is one definitely worth reading: there's also this anti-fraud campaign led by UK finance with information and download: the business front, for SMEs the Met also have their cyber protect initiatives that might be useful for some - from staff awareness presentations to cyber escape room exercises - and for free … for those at the more nerdy end of the spectrum who like playing with Internet of Things toys, the DSIT has it's new Secure by Design secure connected device accreditation scheme to enable checking whether devices comply with the latest government code of practice and legislation for these devices you can check here whether that item you're considering purchasing has been accredited - although one should still take one's own security precautions (strong passwords, etc) as no accreditation guarantees 100% security …'m sure you'll all be pleased to see is listed in the IoT Smart Homes Security category! :-) )Finally, I know a number of people in Putney work in the City so they may wish to know about the City of London police's Cyber Griffin programme for businesses:

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Demanding accountability for the Covid scam Marcel de Graaff - Member of the European Parliament for FVD.09 March 2023Back in 2021, we had the revelation of emails from the German Interior Ministry which showed that it enlisted scientists to scare the population.Last year it, was revealed that the Covid statistics had been falsified by Dutch Health Minister Hugo de Jonge by inflating the numbers.And now we have the revelation of over 100,000 Whatsapp messages from former British Health Minister, Matt Hancock. The British “Daily Telegraph” has put them online as "The  Lockdown Files.From all these revelations, it has been shown time and again that the coronavirus was no more deadly than other cold and flu viruses. As we know from flu and colds, these can be fatal to vulnerable, very old people. For anyone under 80, these viruses are almost never fatal. So it was with Covid-19. It was a common cold virus.Minister Matt Hancock had a discussion with then Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, via Whatsapp about this low mortality rate. He wrote that this was a problem because it meant that vaccination targets would not be met.The Lockdown Files also show that in addition to the vaccines, other Covid measures were mainly intended to instil fear of the virus into the population.The revelations in Germany, the Netherlands and now especially in the United Kingdom show that the same Covid policy was deliberately followed in all these countries – policy which had nothing to do with the nature of the coronavirus. The Lockdown Files show that no special measures were needed, given the low mortality of the virus. The British government switched from publishing mortality rates to publishing the number of infections. The entire EU then switched and reported on Covid in the same way.Pushing through the vaccines and introducing the corresponding digital Covid pass was the real goal. For this, no means were shunned.Unvaccinated people were not simply portrayed as irresponsible but as anti-social, dangerous enemies of the state. There were threats of incarceration and forced vaccination. Unvaccinated people were fired. People were locked in their homes via curfews. Hospitals and nursing homes prohibited partners and children from visiting their sick spouses or parents, even when they were dying.From the beginning, there were medical experts who scientifically argued that the imposed measures were futile and warned against the vaccinations.Doctors who protested were silenced on social media. Doctors who prescribed effective drugs were punished with heavy fines and the revocation of their licence.The Lockdown Files show that the unvaccinated and Covid-critical doctors were right – and that there was absolutely nothing right about government policy.What also emerges from the Lockdown Files is the involvement of Bill Gates.  Matt Hancock literally messages about Bill Gates, "He owes me one." In other words, Bill Gates owes me one because Hancock had millions of his vaccines injected.This so-called philanthropist bought shares in Big Pharma for $50 million and after the Covid hype was over sold those same shares for $500 million.The contracts with huge sums of money signed by governments with the pharmaceutical multinationals are still not public. The correspondence between Pfizer and EU President Ursula von der Leyen is still secret. The messages between Dutch minister Hugo de Jonge and Prime Minister Mark Rutte about Covid have supposedly been erased.It looks like the European Commission and the governments of EU member states were as aware of Covid’s low mortality as the British government. Their policies were almost identical, the flawed PCR test was accepted EU-wide, the Digital Covid pass became an international travel document, even the wording was almost identical. Several countries started using the same phrases at the same time: “from neighbourhood to neighbourhood, from house to house, from arm to arm.”The measures lacked any reasonable ground yet they violated basic human rights and fundamental freedoms. Physical and mental integrity were violated without justification.There must be government accountability for this in every state. As a Member of the European Parliament, I demand that the European Commission come to Parliament to account for this.Therefore, I ask the President of the European Parliament urgently to put on the agenda for the next Strasbourg session a debate on the Lockdown Files with Ursula von der Leyen.We will see whether the European Parliament wants to take up its controlling task or whether it is complicit in the biggest scandal of the century.Marcel de Graaff

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So the Govt is now consulting on wet wipes.  We've discussed them before and Fleur Anderson MP has spoken about them in Parliament calling for these wipes containing plastic to be banned.  There have been petitions because they cause sewer blockages and overflows. These often happen causing blockages and overflows all the way down a street.For years these wipes containing plastic have been heavily marketed with little acknowledgement of their effect on the environment.  I remember Thames Water taking a well known company to court and winning.  There have also been huge campaigns for years to Bin it don't Flush it.Yet when these are flushed and mixed with all the fats and oils which should not be poured down the drains they cool and congeal into fatbergs.  Some of these fatbergs in the sewers are the size of double decker buses and they have to be drilled out.  There is part of one in the Natural History Museum and in the Museum of London.Volunteers with the charity Thames 21 have spent year after year cleaning the Thames and have been counting the number of wet wipes collected from the foreshore.It is definitely not at all pleasant when toilets back up and overflow into your home or office.  Yet this will continue while unflushables are flushed - so don't believe the packaging - and don't do it!

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