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ULEZ Expansion

If you object to expansion of the ULEZ zone, contact Councillor Claire Gilbert (email to voice your concerns so that she can raise them at the Citizens Assembly on air quality in April.Apart from the Mayor's biased interpretation of his 'consultation', Sadiq Khan has contradicted his claims of benefits to air quality by simultaneously announcing that hospital admissions of asthmatic children in London, SINCE the zone was expanded to the Nth/Sth Circular Rds, have actually risen by 64%. This doesn't suggest that ULEZ is working. He also rejected votes from a motoring organisation which polled drivers yet, when he realised the consultation wasn't going his way, himself spent public money on advertising and lobbying 18-30 y.o's on social media. He can't have it both ways. We live in Putney, just outside of the Sth Circular, and already can't pop down to the High Street in our car without incurring a £12.50 charge. From August, unless the scheme is scrapped, we won't even be able to leave our driveway to shop in Kingston, or even our local Asda supermarket in Roehampton, without incurring the charge. We would rather spend our money in our own borough. The Mayor's scrappage scheme won't help either because many less well off folk simply can't find the difference to buy another car. It will only help those who can. Apart from anything, scrapping perfectly serviceable vehicles while the manufacture and disposal of electric vehicles causes such damage to the environment, makes no sense either environmentally or fiscally.As for Putney High Street pollution levels, we all know it's exacerbated by traffic being diverted from Hammersmith Bridge, so it shouldn't be held up as an example for justification.

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Update on energy companies SSE and OVO.

ILLEGAL TRANSFER FROM ENERGY PROVIDER SSE TO OVO.A response given on Trustpilot on 26-1-23  by energy provider SSE regarding my illegal transfer from energy company SSE to energy company OVO which are part of the same company."Hi, Thank you for your recent email, I apologise for the delay in my response.We appreciate you contacting us. When I check your account, it has already been transferred to OVO Energy. As a result, your account has been closed and we no longer have access to it. I suggest you to get in touch with OVO Energy because they are the team that can assist you.Thank you for contacting SSE."John from OVO has informed me that I was tricked by SSE to sign up to OVO with a false promise of a £50 energy credit.And the response given on Trustpilot by OVO. Thanks for getting back to me, Neil.I've checked over your account and I can see you've managed to reach the team. I am sorry that the letter has caused such confusion, but the install would have had to have been with SSE.Thanks,Dave.Both SSE and OVO are continuing to argue that the other party are to blame for the illegal transfer. I have to wait about 7 weeks for SSE and OVO to sort the mess out before the Energy Ombudsman will intervene. Anyone wishing to change energy providers would be wise to check on Trustpilot the company they are thinking of using before deciding. SSE and OVO are having shocking reviews. See part of Which magazine review of OVO below.                                                              "Ovo Energy came near the bottom of the table in 13th place out of 16 energy companies rated by 10,197 members of the public in the annual Which? customer survey. This is a big drop from last year, when it came joint second. It had poor two-star ratings for almost all of the aspects of service we looked at, managing an average three stars for just one - the accuracy of its payments."One dissatisfied customer said: 'It’s impossible to contact them. Online options don’t make it easy to solve problems.'

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Planters/Lacy Road Parklet

Please see Nicola Grant's email (3rd Feb '23) in response to my concerns about the now long standing poor state of the old M&S planters & the the abandoned Lacy Road parklet. I suggest that any further concerns should be directed to Nicola Grant at Positively Putney.As you know I agree the planters are beyond their life - but I can not spend significant money on them until we know when (or not) the unit will be occupied. I am hopeful we will know one way or another in the next week or so. I understand your point reference street people versus tatty planters but if they did attract a street population people would complain far more. Trying to see if we can block the space in another aesthetic pleasing useful way.I love the excitement and interest of the volunteers - but also getting quotes for other external contractors. Reference Lacy Road parklet - it was due to be repaired as Meristem quoted £200, but then came back to me with a revised repair quote of £1800. As the unit was £5000 initially that seemed very expensive, especially if it was to be moved in the near future. I am well aware that Sporting Feet would rather it was a loading bay, they sit on our board of directors - they were very supportive of it as a café space but like us all do not like us seeing it unused. Interestingly, in the what's app many people really like/d the parklets and do not want them to go (the Montserrat or the Lacy road). I am currently looking at options to half the size of it - and installing permanent seating. This seems a compromise but may please all parties.We are busy working on the Putney heritage vinyls, and the utility box art project so certainly enhancing the look of Putney once they come to fruition. Will be back in touch once we know more,

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