Stunning Silk Face Masks

Supporting The Vineyard Community Project in Richmond

The Vineyard Community Project (VCP) is a fabulous Richmond based charity for helping the homeless and lonely people and creating food banks for those in need in the local community.

Fashion designer, Edina Ronay, famous for her nostalgic love for fashion icons of the past, has Edina has used her inspiration to create stunning reversable silk face masks which will raise funds for the VCP.

The masks, priced at £30 (with all proceeds going to VCP) are made with reversible silk and a thin layer of cotton voile in-between to hold their shape whilst still being breathable, light and very comfortable to wear. These masks are not medically certified and should not be used as a substitute for any medical grade PPE.

To limit potential spread of the disease VCP has shut their morning drop-in service, café and shop. But they are still providing individual support and running foodbank delivery services in Richmond, Hampton, Isleworth, Barnes, and Whitton.

June 19, 2020