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Douglas Bader Foundation
CDG - Careers Development Group is a leading charity that supports long-term unemployed people to improve their quality of life. We currently achieve this through increasing our customers' skills, supporting them to gain qualifications and enabling them to move into sustainable employment.
Dad's House - - a charity set up to help single fathers. a project aimed at providing the same degree of support for single fathers as is available for single mothers in the UK.
National Childbirth Trust (NCT)
Osteopathic Centre for Children -  provides osteopathic treatment to children and mothers on a not-for-profit basis. No-one is refused treatment, even if they cannot afford to pay. They treat children with a variety of conditions from colic to cerebral palsy.
Putney Rotary Club
Welcome to Putney Rotary Club, a diverse and enthusiastic group of volunteers! The aim is to uplift the community, working on local and international projects whilst having fun!

Rotary is one of the world’s leading humanitarian service organisations, with 1.2 million members globally. It promotes peace, fight disease, support education, provide clean water and sanitation, support the environment and so much more.

The Rotary charity brings people together in fellowship, dedicated to making our world a better place.

Personal Support Unit (PSU)
Prospect Burma
Prospect Burma's mission is to invest in the democratic future of Burma through its young people. We educate those who will spread their knowledge and skills back to Burma for its future development.
020 7371 0887
Regenerate-rise supports isolated elderly people in Putney. RISE (Reaching the ISolated Elderly) was a project initiated by in 2001 following a participatory needs assessment of the Roehampton area by the Wandsworth PCT. was started in January 2000 by Mo Smith and her son Andy SmithRoehampton blocks when they identified the need for a Lunch Club in the heart of the Alton Estate - the second most deprived area in the borough of Wandsworth.
RSPCA Animal Hospital
The Royal Hospital for Neuro Disability
The Putney Samaritans