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Mr Rose,This article gives a wider perspective of why knife crime is rising - especially in London and other big cities. main reasons in my view that the 'black community' seem to be most involved is two fold.1) the adoption of black male machismo culture imported from the US and promoted in rap music culture.Note how so many killers or killed are described as 'rappers'.2) much of our immigration is of people from alien cultures where often male attitudes dominate including misogyny (read about the reported reasons for the recent killing in Croydon); social grouping is based on male gangs rather than family and disputes are usually settled with violence.The perpetrators are also uneducated and unemployable - should they want to work rather than trade drugs which leads to turf wars,'Sixteen of the 20 most dangerous places in England and Wales for serious knife crime offences are in London, a BBC investigation has found. The West End area of Westminster (Notting Hill ?) has the highest rate in the country with 35.5 violent knife crimes per 10,000 residents.Haringey, Islington, Hackney, Camden and Brent also feature highly'.And my own experience of living in West Croydon close to London Road would lead me to believe this borough would fall not far behind though the recent stabbing of the young girl is apparently the first for 22 months.I repeat my contribution to cutting down on knife crime - more stop and search on all those acting suspiciously in likely locations whatever their skin colour and ignore complaints by self-appointed black community leaders.When he gets back from his flight to New Zealand where he represented London in order to 'save the planet' perhaps we will hear what Mayor Khan plans to do to 'save our communities'.

John Hawkes ● 57d