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Too busy selling off any and every bit of Govt real estate accessible in order to reduce the size of the state.  Just-in-time global trade is pretty hopeless when there is a global pandemic and it is difficult to buy what you need and there aren't the guidelines for what is acceptable and necessary. Remind me where a lot of the Govt's funding comes from.We had architects' offices and schools with the right equipment making face shields and providing those to hospitals and carers and those in the front line.  We had the Wandsworth Scrubbery making scrubs and face masks. We had nurses wearing bin bags because they had no aprons etc. We watched the pandemic coming closer on social media.  Medics speak to each other across the world - they shared what they knew and warned us.  Meanwhile people were still flying in from all over the world and were not checked at all and did not even have info on what to do if they became ill.  And big social occasions like Cheltenham just continued...Our hospital staff did not know what to wear and had to separate those who had Covid and those that did not into the green and red sections of hospital - only as they later discovered not everyone had obvious or any symptoms.The longer there is until there is a public enquiry the more many people's memories will have faded.  Those that were heavily involved with sick people with Covid became more ill when they themselves got it.  When they got it later a second time after vaccination the symptoms were nothing like as bad.

Philippa Bond ● 19d